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Kate Bevan Baker

I first met Kate on New Year eve 2008 at the Delta ballroom during our gig with Sonny Caulfield, Alan Dowling and her father Peter Bevan Baker.  Kate sang jazz standards and played violin solos.  It was quite a nice touch. 

We had the opportunity to repeat the event for New Years eve 2009 and the previous June Kate asked me to play on her CD "Come Fly with Me" which featured Sonny Caulfield's live piano arrangements, with Alan Dowling, myself filling out the trio, Kate on vocals/violin and again her dad on Trumpet. 

Most recently I was asked by Kate and her dad to play upright bass at her wedding in a septet for a tune her grandfather wrote for her when she was born.  Very cool.  I expected a lullaby-esque tune but it ended up being a semi-complex classical piece and a challenge to play.  Lots of fun

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