Apr 30 1995   


"T42, fresh off their Colonel Gray Battle of the Band's winput on a spectacular show. Their set was so tight that a nuclear bomb wouldn'tdistract them. Their spectacular power pop made for some cool moshing/dancing for the mainly under 17 crowd that was present. Danny and Andrew even told Finleyoff on stage, much to the delight of the audience that will have to wait atleast another year just to be able to come and see their favourite bandsplay at the Barn." - Matt Hennessey's review of T42 show at the Barn.

We always loved watching these guys... we called them mini-Sloan. Not because they sounded just like Sloan... but because they sounded like themselves and did what they wanted.

I had the chance to fill in for them once at Myron's where they were all probably 14-15 and I was 18-19 ... after soundcheck pitchers of beer and chicken fingers were consumed. I can neither confirm nor deny if all took part.

Their tunes were fun to play...pop..indie..rock... they had that song...The Smile song? I think..

Good times.

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