Sep 20 2009   

Livin' on the Edge

Craig Fair produced/musically directed and co-directed this original rock musical called Livin' On The Edge with longtime friend and colleague Robin Calvert.  

There is an immensely wealthy book of powerful rock music from the 70's.  Craig tapped into the core of this music and put together a group of people that would be able to as best as they could reproduce the music.  

He asked me to do it and I thought sure... 70's music.  Fun.  

The rehearsals were good.  Craig and Tiffany Devereau on Piano's ( solo or together ), M.J. Mullin on guitars, Rich Knox on drums, myself on electric Bass, and a few backup singers.  We played down the charts ( which were fantastically written charts ) with relative ease.  Worked out the kinks of form and finesse.  Bang. We were ready.  

I was looking forward to the performance but I hadn't really gauged how it was going to come off on stage.. in front of an audience.  

Man.... that music is awesome.  In front of an audience it completely came even more alive than it was in rehearsal.  It was a big... huge... kick ass performance ( or at least it felt like it ) and when it was over I wanted to go back out and do it all over again.  

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