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Andrew Melzer

Through Don Fraser, I was hired by Andrew Melzer to record upright bass tracks for a musical that he is working on.  It's been an interesting challenge in that 90% of the tracks are swing tunes and it's literally .. "here's the chart... run through once.. make sure we know the form..and then bam.. record piano and bass live in 2-4 takes".  

Here's a little bit about who Andrew is: 

Andrew A. Melzer is a composer, songwriter and record producer. Andrew started his music education as a six year old boy at the Budapest Conservatory of Music, completing a year of theory and solfege. He then began twelve years of violin training, first in Budapest and later in Toronto. He studied violin in Canada with the prominent violinist/educator Irene Haydu as well as composition with Dr. Samuel Dolin. After competing in the Greater Toronto Kiwanis Music Festivals in his teens for solo violin and winning ten awards, Andrew Melzer completed his education at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He then produced a bilingual pop version of a song called “Canada” which quickly became a national success, celebrating 100 years of Canada’s Confederation. 
He also founded Panda Digital as a record label to release his own productions as well as the physical/digital distribution of quality recordings by independent artists / producers. Panda Digital has released dozens of albums that range from Jazz, Swing, World Music to Childrens’ recordings. Panda Digital also licenses music to Films, TV, Commercials, Piped-In Music Services and Airlines. Recently, Panda Digital released an album, “Norm Amadio And Friends”, containing Andrew’s music performed by Norm with Juno Award winning jazz instrumentalists and vocalists. 

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