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Chris Smith

I've played off and on with Chris Smith over the years in various formats.  We met at UPEI when I was doing my degree and he was finishing up.. I think..or maybe he was coming back to visit...or somethign.  Anyway.. we played a couple times in Gold Cup and Saucer paraders for the Sobers float.. groovy rock/funk based jams.  Good times.  

Most recently Chris and I did Jesus Christ Superstar together.. Chris was Judas and I was their bass player!  funnnnn!  Chris was amazing as Judas.  

Chris asked if I'd be interested to record on one of his tunes and of course I wanted to.  Things didn't work out..he's in Kensignton and I'm in Charlottetown.. soooooo far ( PEI standards haha ).  Eventually I offered to do it remotely.. with my newish Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  He graciously helped me through some technical difficulties and in the end it worked out nicely. 


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