2001 - 2002   

Rick Waychesko

What a guy! What a trumpet sound! What a range! He's played with everyone from Tower of Power, to Lighthouse, to The Philospher Kings, to Nelly Furtado.

So many stories, so many high notes, so many laughs, so many crosswords!

After Dan Warren left the Jive Kings, Rick played with us for about six months including a grueling 2 week tour from PEI to Toronto and back where we did 11 school shows, grades 1-12, in four days. Too much, Too Much. But Rick always made it interesting and fun including having a chance to be "psuedo Rocco and Garibaldi" with Scott Ferguson, backing up Rick on on a "Tower of Power-esque" version of...oh man...I've just lost my mind...I can't remember the name of the song...ever happen to you? It's something you know, like your favourite song or your mother's name and you should know it but you can't remember it and you're scared to ask anyone because you're scared they may commit you because "My God you should know this!!"...it's at the tip of my tongue...AHHHH..the song with the Horns doing the crazy up and down dance moves, and the flute and sax doing that so noticeable melody in harmony Dear God what is it!!?! Soul...yeah...AHH...SOUL BOSSA NOVA!!

That feels good!

So yeah...Rick Rocks

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