1996 - 2010   

Mike Ross

Starting at our first paying gig UPEI in 1996 with the longest version of JUST the verse of Superstition (That's all we knew), Mike and I have been playing together for almost a decade now and it's been a great friendship and musical partnership. We've played and performed together in Swing Set, Soltice, The Hobbs, Feast Dinner Theatre, all UPEI Ensembles, the Jive Kings, the dennis lee project, Late Night at the Mack, and most recently we were both involved in the Charlottetown Festival mainstage productions of Anne of Green Gables, Canada Rocks, and Something Wonderful.

Curious, I once tallied an approximate number of shows that Mike and I have played together and it's well over 600. And I'm sure there's more to come.

And rightfully so, Mike and I were each other's best-man at our weddings...weddings to our wifes...not to each other.   

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