1998 - 1998   


Solstice started out as an acoustic project between Mike Ross, Paul Christian and myself. We wanted to recreate the music of James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and even a few modern bands with acoustic songs like Phish, and Pearl Jam. We rehearsed at Mike's apartment with two acoustic guitars and a handful of congas and tambourines and shakers. We learned a good chunk of songs and we approached good ol' Piazza Joes ( former home of Swing Set ) and we had ourselves a Saturday Night Gig.

And almost every saturday for close to 7 months we played our butts off for...after the sound system rental...$36 each. and we loved it. And it was here that Mike told the dramatic story of "The Hurricane", years before the movie came out. Midway through this 7 months and like any acoustic act, we started turning electric. I brought my bass, Mike brought his keys, Paul brought his Drums and we started churning out tunes like Midnight Rider, White Room, After Midnight, Bouncin Round the Room, Spinning Wheel.

We then added our good friend Dave Gibler who like most electric guitarists liked to play very, very, very loud. White Room became an epic performance each week with volumes previously unknown to man. It was a good time had by all. Even though the head of my bass almost melted off each week due to the bread bar. mmmmmmm....tarragon butter

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The Members...
  • Dave Gibler - Guitar |
  • Mike Ross - Vocal |
  • Paul Christian - Drums |

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