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the Hired Horn Band

After the Jive Kings disbanded in February of 2002, some of the guys thought, well...why not keep doing it on a smaller scale and play only when we want to and only what we want to.  Joey Kitson agreed to be our main singer and brought a completely different sound to the band.  We've also had Christina Forgeron and most recently Julain Molnar take the vocal spotlight.

So a few times a year we play parties, corporate functions, and other events mostly for fun. The style of the music is slightly different. It keeps a lot of the old swing stuff like Surely, Jump Jive, etc, etc..but we've added a lot of Blues Brothers and Blood, Sweat & Tears so it's a bit more rockin and bluesy. Fun stuff.

"Joey and the Hired Horn Band was founded by Joey Kitson and Bob Nicholson in the summer of 2002. The band was assembled for two main reasons: a wealth of great tunes (Van Morrison, The Commitments, Blood Sweat and Tears, Blues Brothers, etc...) that the members were dying to play and requests from the public for a band of this nature.

The personnel for the Joey and the Hired Horn Band is drawn from the cream of the crop of Prince Edward Island musicians, including four alumnae of the Jive Kings. The members of the band have collectively won ten East Coast Music Awards. The band is fronted by Kitson on vocals, has a three piece horn section (alto sax, trumpet, and bass trombone) and a four piece rhythm section (guitar, bass, organ and drums).

Joey Kitson and Bob Nicholson had previously been instrumental in forming two of PEI's most popular horn bands: Kitson founded the Rock Island Blues Band in the 1980's and Nicholson founded the Jive Kings in the late 1990's. Joey is perhaps best known as vocalist for the ECMA award winning band Rawlin's Cross. Bob performs in the Charlottetown Festival Orchestra and previously played for four years at Phantom of the Opera in Toronto."

source : www.waltmusic.com/musicians/HiredHorn.htm

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