1999 - 2000   

Swing Kings

The Swing Kings are the Jive Kings that were the Swing Kings and the Jive Kings were the Swing Kings but had to become the Swing Kings... No...the Jive Kings were the Swing Kings but then the Kings of Swing had to become the Kings of Jive thus we had to become the Jive Kings. Yeah that's it. i.e...When we went to record "Spoon for a Knife" we realized there was a band already called the "Swing Kings" so with much debate and help from the boys in Forever Plaid we came up with Jive Kings, which I hated at first and thought was tres-cheesy. But then again, I'm tres cheesy.

So I guess I grew to like it. Did I mention who the Swing Kings were?

The Recordings...
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The Members...
  • Christian Gavard - Sax |

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