1994 - 1996   


Chase was my first real garage band...oh wait...we never rehearsed in a garage...okay...Chase was my first real attic, den, bedroom, back porch, underneath "The Wedding Place", basement band.

Our "cutting our teeth" style spanned that of Sloan, Nirvana, Eric's Trip, Sonic Youth, Pantera, Guns n' Roses, Metallica, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, etc, etc....

Eventually we gained prolific songwriting abilities which led to approximately 80 original songs, about 12 of which were ever really really polished. We did however manage to open up for such East Coast acts as Plumtree, State Champs, and Lil' Ortenn Hoggett ( An alt country pop conglomeration of Chris Murphy of Sloan and Matt Murphy from Superfriendz ).

With Chase, I somehow held the position of Lead Guitarist...I played my coveted Baby-puke yellow/green "Charvette by Charvel by Jackson" Electric guitar with a single coil and a humbucker, complete with Whammy Bar. Boy could I churn out some wicked guitar solos in my day..... and now I feel old for saying that.

The Recordings...
  • No recordings to list

The Members...
  • Chad Thompson - Guitar |
  • Matt Hennessey - Bass |
  • Shawn Murray - Drums |

The Linkage...

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