1992 - 1995   

Colonel Gray High School Intermediate Jazz Band

THIS is where it all really began. THIS is where I played Electric Bass with a band for the first time. THIS is where I met long time friend Paul Christian, now the drummer for the Jimmy Swift Band. THIS is where I borrowed my brother-in-law's tres cool HONDO bass because my Harmony Est. in 1982 Composte bass just didn't cut it for THIS. THIS...is where I at my first rehearsal I had to play 108 bars of the same thing in the song "Louie, Louie"....and got lost!

But seriously, it really all did begin here. I started my very important education of learning how to play with an ensemble and more importantly how to play with a drummer ( Paul Christian!! ). It was invaluable experience that one couldn't get from a garage band. It was quality music that I was making, and I was surrounded by other musicians who were also finding their footing and it was great.

I also had the awesome oppurtunity to discover the other side to the coin as in Grade 12 I played Electric Guitar in the Intermediate Jazz Band. Before this I was a rocker playing power chords. This forced me to learn chords like diminshed, Augmented, #7 b9, #11, etc. etc. It was great. I even had a few guitar solos in a couple concerts. One solo was in more of a rock type tune and it was on the mainstage of the Confederation Centre. Just before my solo, I accidently turned my amp up too loud and when I started I thought I was going to blow everyone away. But it actually was the volume that the band teacher had been loooking for out of me and it turned out to be a cool solo, complete with one of those "mistakes" that turn out to sound too cool to not try twice more! I still throw that tape on once a year and listen to myself wail! ha!

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  • Paul Christian - Drums |
  • Shawn Doiron - Drums |

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