1996 - 1997   

Derek Wilson and the Backwoodsmen

Derek, Derek, Derek....what can I say...he hired me and a friend of mine to play for his "cross Canada tour"....we got other friends involved...we did so much work....the tour went from 80 shows, to 40 shows, to 3 very undersold shows and the tour was cancelled.

We had contracts guaranteeing us a certain amount of money "in any event" that the tour failed.

The Tour Failed.

He stayed on my couch for two months because he had nowhere to live. My family had to ask him to leave. Four members of the group eventually brought him to court, myself, my good friend and two others. Of course we won but he fled the province and I haven't seen him since.

Derek if you read this...you still owe me that money and you owe my mother two months worth of coffee, eggs and toast.

Fiddle this Mr. Backwoods Short Pants!!!

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