1992 - 1995   

Colonel Gray High School Concert Band

When I was leaving Junior High and getting ready for High School, Jen Clement, my music teacher, convinced me to sign up for High School music at Colonel Gray. The details were worked out and I signed up. As my older cousin Dean MacKinnon had already been through the Colonel Gray Band system I had heard many stories and I was pumped to start High School Band.

However, My first day of Highschool went something like this. At lunch time I decided to go meet the band teacher for the first time. I saw him, went up and said "Hi Mr. Jabbour, I'm the upright bass teacher that Jen Clement told you about". And had a slightly strange look on his face and said "Riiight...well it turns out we're not gonna go ahead with having String Bass as part of the band program".

At that time in my life I usually would just turn around and walk away, simply accepting defeat; however, this new found passion for music took over and, as Rog told my mother months later, the heartbroken look on my face as I said "Are you absolutely sure you don't want an Upright Bass player?" was enough to change his mind.

for I would not have come so far as a musician without the guidance of the Colonel Gray High School band program.

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