1996 - 1996   

Ganus Grape

Ganus Grape was the brainchild of Gary MacQuaid...the only person crazy enough to get a tattoo on the tip of his...well...you know....   Gary and I had this insane ritual of when we'd see each other in public we'd run as fast as we could towards each other and have a mini-Mosh. They day of his Tattoo, I ran into him that night and I performed my half of the mini-Mosh ( unaware of his recent Tattooing ) and I accidently kneed him right in the crotch. I can only imagine how much that hurt. Sorry Gary!

Gary played a semi-acoustic Ovation Bass and I played my Baby Puke Yellow/Green "Charvette, by Charvelle, by Jackson" guitar and my good friend Shawn Doiron ( formerly known as Supersonic ) was the man behind the Yamaha Stage Custom Drums.

It was Gary's music and Shawn and I were there to fill out his crazy musical ideas. We had a number of rehearsals for a Battle of the Bands we were preparing for and during one of them Gary's friend Paul Brennen ( formerly of The Odds and at that time drummer for Big Sugar ) walked into the basement JUST as Shawn was looking at a Big Sugar CD with Paul Brennen on the cover...and in a priceless moment of innocence Shawn said..."Hey...this is you!!!"

It was awesome! The music was fun, open, free, and whatever we wanted. It was a good time.

The Recordings...
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The Members...
  • Deryl Gallant - Bass |
  • Gary MacQuaid - Bass |
  • Shawn Doiron - Drums |

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