Terry Hatty

2003 - 2010

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The first time I heard Terry Hatty sing ( sadly ) was at the opening night party for Dracula in June 2003.  I'd heard his name before - then I heard him sing.  Joey Kitson and the Hired Horn Band was playing the party and they got Terry up to sing a song.  It was Mustang Sally.

I thought sarcastically to myself..."Oh yay...Mustang Sally...."

Then Terry nearly blew up the sound system with his voice and it was awesome.

Terry and I first worked together that summer during Late Night at the Mack.  He became a part of our Late Night Band by adding some tasty percussion - ( ah yes...Terry and his bag of percussion which he empties like a bag of trash onto the floor at each Late Night gig...it's awesome...the noise is splendid! )

Since then I've had the privilege to get to know Terry on a musical level and a personal level and he's a great guy.  He's always been so excited for Elizabeth and I and gave such great advice during our adventure in to marriage and now parenthood. 

For our "Places" call for Canada Rocks, Terry and I happened to stand beside each other on the stage waiting for the show to start every night.  One night he said an amazing thing to me - ( this was the first Canada Rocks after Elizabeth came home from Calgary and surprised me at Late Night at the Mack one day early...and then we surprised the room when I took her on stage and we announced to everyone that we were 16 weeks pregnant....the room exploded with excitment ) ...anyway...Terry said to me something of the effect... "It's amazing what the news of a baby can do....think about it...I bet you half of that room on Saturday's Late Night Crowd is Pro-Choice...but you didn't see anyone not stand up and holler excitingly at the news of your baby...how does that make sense?!"


Great guy...great musician

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