the Jive Kings with Measha Bruggergosman

Released by Jive Kings on Oct 15 2000

The Tracks...

1 She Made Me Wanna Jive
2 You Stole My Heart From Me
3 Telephone Call From Istanbul
4 Blue Skies
5 Summertime
6 Mr. Magic
7 Maybe I'll Meet You
8 When I Close My Eyes
9 Big Spender
10 A-Tisket, A-Tasket
11 They Can't Take That Away From Me
12 Tugboat
13 Nowhere Like This
14 Omegabop

The Story...

Recording the 2nd Jive Kings album was a very different and very same experience. ( Literary amazingness there folks...seriously). 

It was different in that I had a new bass, and I knew how to make a better sound with it. That was very good.  I also did all my tracks seperately from the drums, which were laid down first using a click.  So I had a good microphone, and a silent room to better discover and record 'my sound' for the CD.  

It was very 'same' because once again I was recording about half of the tunes which I had never played before... making up basslines on the spot ( and recording them on a forever basis ) was nerve-wracking.  Of course it was.  I was still young and just starting to find my way, find my sound, find my time.  but at least on the 2nd album I had a much better sense of time and knew much more how to 'lock it in'.  I think you can hear it come through better.   Now if only my tuning was better on this album...sigh..

Playing Measha's tunes was interesting... as the story goes, after our Indian River concert we realized we were crazy to not record with Measha.  But at this point we had nothing in the can.  Nothing for her to sing along with.  So.... Measha went into the studio and sang her five tracks along with MIDI files.  That's right... computer generated versions of what Barrie's charts dictated.  So she did her vocals..then Alan did his drums...then I did my bass parts...etc, etc. . When you listen to her performance and consider she was singing along with a chorus of robots, it's pretty obvious what kind of pro you're dealing with.