Steve Sharratt

Released by Steve Sharratt on Aug 1 2004

The Tracks...

6 Dance Floor Romeo
13 Que Sera Sera

The Story...

The first time I played with Steve was during a rehearsal at the Art's Guild for a show I was doing with Roy Johnstone. He's a great acoustic singer/songwriter with a nice old acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. 

During Roy's concert at Victoria Playhouse, Steve also did a few of his originals and they are some great tunes. Steve was in the process of recording his first CD and I was fortunate enough to be asked to play on two tracks.  

One is a hopping bluesy tune called "Dance Floor Romeo" and a very cool version of "Que Sera Sera". I played upright bass on both tunes which were recorded at Roy Johnstone's home studio out in Argyle Shore.