Where on the interweb is Deryl...

Are you my friend? Are you authorized to see pictures of my kids? You should add me on facebook.
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I'm linked in.
Have you joined Scotts Bass Lessons Academy?!? Holy smokes you should..

I was lucky enough to be a Campus Moderator at SBL for many years - great group of people!
Want to know where I go for bass related answers when my good friends aren't answering their emails or texts or singing telegrams with their expert bass related answers? You should check out Talkbass.com
I've taught the Bass program here in the past. I think that's pretty cool.
I've taught the classical Bass program here. I think that's pretty cool too.
I'm a proud member of Music PEI - they gave me that Musician of the Year award in 2015! Cool!
Are you a bass player? I started a bass player website containing articles I wrote about bass playing.
Hey look...I have a Web Log. It's about me in life.
If e-lec-tronic mail is your thing... info@bassplayer.mobi