Bass Lessons

I am a professional bass player with over 30 years of playing experience and nearly 25 years of teaching experience. Along the way, I've helped numerous bass players develop from "a person with a bass" to a functioning money-making musician. I love guiding students through thoughts of studying bass after high school, to months of audition preparation, university acceptance bliss, and hearing stories of success from around the globe from former students - working, gigging, and now teaching bassists. I also absolutely love working with gigging bassists who want a new perspective on technique, tone, and other sometimes dreaded T-word: Theory!

I work full-time in IT and have taught the bass programs at UPEI and Holland College. I'm a busy father of six, but I make time for those who appreciate the journey of bass education. Let's talk about Jazz, Classical, Funk, Rock, etc., on upright, fretted, or fretless bass; let's talk about making the right note choices and gear choices.

I am happy to help with university audition prep, theory exam prep, and more. Whether rock, funk, classical, or jazz, above all, you shall groove.

Bass instruction (Upright and Electric) focused on:

  • Proper technique application and development
  • Ear training and transcription creation
  • Various styles of chart reading (notes, fake book, chord analysis, and more ) 
  • Practical ($$$) application of theory concepts
  • Groove

Music theory instruction focused on:

  • An easy common sense approach that relatively easy to understand
  • Usability in everyday musical life in practice and in performance
  • Simplified charts to organize important concepts

Bonus instruction focused on:

  • Being professional, organized, and as hire-able as possible