Studio Recordings

the Jive Kings with Measha Bruggergosman

Recording the 2nd Jive Kings album was a very different and very same experience. ( Literary amazingness there folks...seriously). 

It was different in that I had a new bass, and I knew how to make a better sound with it. That was very good.  I also did all my tracks seperately from the drums, which were laid down first using a click.  So I had a good microphone, and a silent room to better discover and record 'my sound' for the CD.  

It was very 'same' because once again I was recording about half of the tunes which I had never played before... making up basslines on the spot ( and recording them on a forever basis ) was nerve-wracking.  Of course it was.  I was still young and just starting to find my way, find my sound, find my time.  but at least on the 2nd album I had a much better sense of time and knew much more how to 'lock it in'.  I think you can hear it come through better.   Now if only