Studio Recordings

Spoon for a Knife

I recorded the bass tracks for Spoon For a Knife over a few days playing along with Alan Dowling for most tracks, except for Drunk which was a fretless bass overdub.

for about half the tracks I knew the tunes as we had been playing them live but the other half were literally "here's the chart...it goes sorta like this" as Barrie Sorensen and Mike Ross were actively writing charts/lyrics, etc for the tunes specifically for the recording process.  

I used the upright bass I was borrowing from UPEI at the time and my formerly owned '97 Japanese off-white fretless Fender jazz bass.  

this was essentially my first studio recording experience ( i.e. other than 4 track recordings with previous bands ) .. it was a learning process for sure.  Had no idea whether to sit or stand up. Whether to plug into an amp or go direct, I had nothing really to base it off... so I took direction from Perry and Barrie.