Studio Recordings

Groove Company

Mainly for promotional purposes and the fact that nothing happens on PEI in January, the Groove Company decided to record a handful of our favourite tunes.  

this was a very non stressful, relaxed, recording experience... I had been playing these tunes a lot live with the band so it was just a matter of play them clean.  We did most in 2-3 takes.  

I played my fretless off-white jazz bass direct ... but when I got the disc back I was really surprised ...  on some other recording projects my bass went direct...and then it gets shaped as a pbass type sound and doesn't even sound like a fretless jazz bass.  But Perry used some bells and whistles and amp modeling plugins and made my bass sound really grind and pop!  

it was inspiring to go find the right bass sound for my live performance... it was the nail in the coffin for my current amp and the search for a new amp ..which eventually lead