Studio Recordings

Come Fly With Me

After playing with Kate on New Years eve 2008 and getting to know her father Peter, they very nicely asked me to play on her CD... with Sonny Caulfield.  I jumped at the chance for sure.  

The way the recording had to take place was very backwards to what you hear on the recording.  Setup in a ballroom at the Delta, Sonny played his complete arrangements on Piano from beginning to end... intros, verses, choruses, solos, and endings...  after these performances were captured, they were given to Alan Dowling and myself... then we had to learn the arrangements, essentially note for note.  

Now ... if you remotely know what sonny was like, his arrangements were never the same twice... it was the only logical way for him to do it.  Impossible to record arrangements live with a trio as Sonny improved and added changes so frequently ... 

It was a busy period in my life and I literally had t