Demo Recording

Canadian Song Conference - Brooke MacAurthur

Worked with Brooke MacArthur and Jessica Rhaye to record bass on four original tracks.  My first recording session on my new upright bass and the modern vintage '62.  The producer on the project was Howard Bilerman of Arcade Fire

From the Music PEI Website: 

The Canadian Songwriter Challenge is entering its 10th year in 2024. The goal of Music PEI’s version is to bring artists together from across Canada to co-write with PEI artists. Each year other provincial music industry associations partner with Music PEI to create teams of songwriters, each pair is assisted by a producer, where they record two demos in a PEI studio.

The pairs of artists are tasked with writing and recording 2 songs each with their producer. In 2024 the co-writing process will begin online and continue in-person at the recording studio in PEI. Once the songs are completed, they are presented to the delegates in Listening Sessions during the conference. Songs produced through this program have been used by the delegates with some being used or re-recorded for the artists own albums.