Live Recording

Breakfast Television (Live in Toronto)

In July of 2000 the Jive Kings were booked for the Celebrate Toronto Street Festival... we played on Yonge Street at the corner of Eglinton ... outdoor giant stage... there were a lot of people when we started playing... after the 3rd song there was literally a sea of people ... it ... was.....amazing.  Felt like a rock star. Seriously. haha.  

While we were up in Toronto Bob got us booked to play Breakfast Television.   and when I mean breakfast I mean the time of day where a musician's late night meal is usually just starting to digest it's so damn early.  We had to get there are 5am.... and we had a 45 minute drive to get there.  ugh.  

so we got there.. we setup... soundchecked..and then waited...and waited...and waited...filled up on coffee and donuts... and waited... and then kicked the crap outta three tunes...packed up... drove 45 minutes back to where we were staying.... and then slept for three days.